Development News

Development News

Its underway…

As part of the revitalisation of the new “Pavilions Marketplace”, expect to see much happening over the coming months. Subject to the timing of council approvals, the Pavilion’s marketplace is undoing a major new redevelopment to include not only its name change but a conceptual change to “Coastal Chic”. This includes new facade’s incorporating a combination of recycled driftwood and vertical green gardens will complement the buildings as they reveal the striking new palette of colours and finishes being used to create the concept.

What’s Happening

  • The central part of the marketplace will become the place to be, a central meeting place with casual seating spaces to catch up with friends including a beautiful ambient lighting by night and of course, will include a range of alfresco dining choices.
  • The convenience store will be undergoing its refurbishment over the coming months and in its final form, will resemble a traditional grocery store.

Hotel Development

During our community consultation, much has been asked about the timing on the hotel opening. Whilst we have had much interest from potential publican’s wanting to open as soon as possible, we are very cognisant of the need to spend some time in its revitalisation as we move to more of a family friendly venue. True to the overall concept of “Coastal Chic”, the hotel will also be undergoing its own refurbishment to achieve these outcomes. The bottle shop roof is also coming off to make way for those spectacular views looming in the distance.

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And as always, we are very open to your ideas as we move forward with all of the exciting new happenings… have your say, email us at

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